Product Care of Use

Every Elia quality product, from individual parts to the finished product undergoes a comprehensive series of stringent quality cheeks to ensure efficient and effective use and long service life for you



Follow the instructions that come with your dishwasher.

Remove and hand-dry the cutlery with a soft cloth shortly after the wash cycle has finished.

Load knives into the dishwasher with the blade pointing downwards for safety.

Use a liquid detergent or a cream, not powder.

Rinse or wash stainless steel cutlery after use. Prolonged contact with salt, vinegar, egg, acidic fruits, detergents or some of the mineral salts in tap water can cause pitting and staining.

Take special care with knives. The blades have a higher carbon content, which creates a sharper cutting edge but is also more prone to corrosion.

Polish away any stains with a stainless steel polish.


Use a rinse and hold cycle - cutlery left in a damp atmosphere can become stained or damaged.

Mix silver-plated and stainless steel items in the same cycle.

Use wire wool or abrasive cleaners which may scratch the stainless steel.

Leave stainless steel cutlery to soak or store it in damp conditions, as this may cause staining and require polishing.



Premier Bone Chinaware

Fully vitrified collection, lightweight & durable.

  • Freezer Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Oven Safe
  • Follow the instructions that come with your dishwasher


Fine Bone Chinaware

This collection includes a high bone ash content and hand finished precious metals.

  • We recommend hand wash only
  • Not suitable for use in a Microwave
  • Avoid use of abrasive materials when cleaning




Handmade fine crystal glass must be handled with the highest of care. 

  • Wash soon after use and by hand with warm water or in a glass washer on your dishwashers glassware setting or between 45-55 degrees. 
  • Ensure the dish or glass washer is limescale and salt free to ensure sustained glassware brilliance.
  • Place glassware carefully into washer rack standing yet stable and not touching to avoid indelible scratches or cracks through vibration impact. We recommend a glass rack for professional use.
  • As soon as the wash cycle has finished, open to release the steam and allow the fine crystal to air dry.
  • If further polishing is required by hand, use a microfibre cloth and dry carefully. Allow glassware to cool thoroughly and store carefully.



For your safety and optimum performance please follow the specific instructions that come packaged with your Elia beverage product.

Care of use instructions will vary item by item.

  • Elia beverage products are designed for table-top use only. In order to avoid spillage, please keep upright at all times.
  • Do not store or use when in any mode of travelling, as this product is only for table-top purposes.
  • For your safety please remember that Elia vacuum dispensers maintain a very high thermal efficient with hot beverage. Never forget that a hot beverage is stored.
  • Only knowledgeable persons should hand these products. Keep away from children.
  • Do not fill your Elia product with carbonated drinks of any kind. This will avoid leakage through the spout and lid and could result in damage to any moving mechanisms.
  • Do not fill with warm milk or baby food as temperatures above ambient may lead to grow of micro-organisms capable of causing gastro-enteritis. However, this does not apply to hot or cold milk.
  • Do not place on hot surface or attempt to heat contents from the exteriors; such as over, microwave or hot plates.