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Fine Crystal

Elia is pleased to introduce our newest addition to an already extensive tableware range that has been synonymous with quality and design led innovation, the Fine Crystal Collection.

Fine Crystal Leila

Our most comprehensive range of Sommelier approved stemware, the classic lines of Leila exude the elegance and weightlessness of fine crystal, allowing for wine to take centre stage.

Fine Crystal Liana

The Liana range is designed with a rounded bowl featuring gentle curves and is perfect for opening the floral notes of a fine wine. A vivacious range that delivers in both quality and experience providing a refreshing silhouette for cocktails.

Fine Crystal Meridia

The statuesque Meridia range is shapely and exuberant. The softly angled bowls that run closely to the classical bowl shape of traditional stemware provides for a versatile range for the home or dining experience.

Fine Crystal Miravell

The Miravell range allows for body to build and bouquets to flower within the broad tulip shaped bowls whilst retaining freshness.

Fine Crystal Motive

The perfectly balanced Motive range is contemporary and bold. With its dramatically angled bowl and narrow aperture.

Fine Crystal Siena

With a voluptuous profile offering a generous bowl, allowing for complex wines to reveal their full bouquet for premium enjoyment.

Fine Crystal Virtu

The large tulip shaped bowl develops notes and aromas to their maximum potential and the flared lip allows for wine to run effortlessly out of the glass and onto the tip of the tongue where sweet flavours are most enjoyed.


These superbly mouth-blown and hand-finished decanters establish the setting of a true fine dining experience. Each decanter opens the rich aromas and flavour profile of wines.

Retail Boxes

An extra special gift will be bestowed upon someone when they receive an Elia Fine Crystal Gift Box. All of Elia. Each piece is light in the hand yet strong, these need to be seen and held to be fully appreciated.

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