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One of the most comprehensive Modern Cutlery offerings on the market, Elia is at the forefront of cutlery design and manufacture.

Modern Aquila

Aquila is a well-balanced range that tapers gently from a robust triangular base to a defined curve that adds character and style to any table setting.

Modern Aria

Aria is the embodiment of clean, modern, geometric and sleek cutlery with crisp lines that frame the balanced handles of this range.

Modern Aspect

Aspect has a generous square base curving effortlessly to define its well proportioned profile, Aspect is finished in 18/10 Stainless Steel and is flawlessly mirror finished.

Modern Aspira

Aspira is a contemporary range with a plentiful gauge for a well-balanced feel in the hand. With handles that gently taper to a smooth, subtle upturned point, this collection has a wonderful profile.

Modern Cosmo

This angular design with clean-cut lines and bevelled edges is the perfect accompaniment to elevate any table setting. Cosmo is a handsome range that will sit well alongside a minimal table setting.

Modern Cubiq

Cubiq's contemporary design really stands out as every piece, with the exception of the teaspoon, is crafted with hollow handles. This gives a wonderful lightness to the cutlery that is generous in size and a pleasure to hold.

Modern Effra

With a distinctive asymmetrical design on the handle the Effra range makes a stunning visual impact on the table the pattern makes a fresh statement away from the traditional, presenting a timeless modernity.

Modern Equinox

This modern cutlery features a half moon detail on the handles. An elegant style, its slender gauge and minimal design make this an attractive accompaniment to the table.

Modern Flow

Expertly crafted to an exceptionally high specification in the highest quality 18/10 Stainless Steel and debossed with a delicate, sophisticated pattern.

Modern Glacier

The Glacier collection has that magic combination of a contemporary and classic style that is universally appealing. With a large array of accessory items, the Glacier collection is an undeniably fantastic choice.

Modern Halo

With a subtle oval shaped handle that is a pleasure to hold and a raised ring detail on the neck, Halo maintains its slimline form throughout and exudes delicate refinement.

Modern Infinity

This slim-line cutlery with hexagonal-shaped handles certainly invites closer inspection. The perfectly balanced and graceful shape of Infinity ensures a contemporary dining style combined with effortless sophistication.

Modern Jester

For a unique design to uplift any table setting, Elia’s Jester cutlery is a brilliant choice. With its attractive curves and featuring a distinctive spherical tip, this collection really stands out.

Modern Lavino

A twist on a classic, Elia's Lavino cutlery is a unique and eye catching range. This pattern benefits from a line detailing down the centre of each piece, with a subtle triangular accent.

Modern Leila

Characterised by its sleek subtle curves, Leila is the perfect complement to the contemporary table crafted in 18/10 Stainless Steel in a mirror finish. Leila comprises a full array of serving accessories for a complete table setting.

Modern Levite

Another meticulously designed cutlery offering by Elia is their Levite range. Featuring a standing knife which fits the contours of the hand for ultimate comfort during use and can be presented on the table with effortless grace.

Modern Liana

Elia's Liana cutlery with its subtle curves and elongated handles is a striking, avant-garde design. Manufactured in the finest 18/10 Stainless Steel and mirror finish, this distinctive pattern epitomises Elia's flair for design and passionate attention to detail.

Modern Linear

The Linear pattern from Elia is an elegant, contemporary pattern, made from 18/10 Stainless Steel with delicate, elongated handles. Linear complements all table settings, owing to its simplistic design and polished mirror finish.

Modern Maestro

Maestro is the perfect example of Elia's design flair. A bold geometric pattern, Maestro effectively combines strong angled lines with smooth curves.

Modern Marina

Marina is a simplistic design with softly shaped handles which curve gently outwards. Polished to a high mirror shine, this 18/10 Stainless Steel cutlery range brings a sense of quality and elegance to the tabletop.

Modern Maypole

Maypole features modestly tapered cylindrical handles, encircled with a delicate band. Each piece of cutlery has been fully forged and manufactured to an exceptional specification.

Modern Maypolemist

Maypolemist is manufactured to the same exceptionally high specification as Maypole, with a slight design twist. The handles feature an additional sandblasted finish to create a subtle matt effect, bringing together two design styles.

Modern Miravell

With a curvaceous dewdrop design, Miravell is contemporary cutlery at its finest, expertly polished to a smooth mirror finish, Miravell is also well-balanced for maximum comfort.

Modern Motive

An ergonomic design with a generous gauge, Motive cutlery is stylish yet simple in appearance. Undeniably modern, this pattern from Elia owes its charm to its streamlined design.

Modern Orientix

This innovative design has been fully forged and manufactured to an exceptional standard. The stylish handles inspired by the shape of traditional chopsticks are four-sided and gently tapered.

Modern Pendula

Elia are pleased to present this stunning contemporary pattern from their already extensive cutlery range that has become synonymous with quality and style.

Modern Polar

The superb mirror finish and stylish curves of this range make it a fine example of modern cutlery and an aesthetically-pleasing addition to all tabletops.

Modern Premara

The clean lines of the Premara range exude simple elegance and style. With a bold silhouette coupled with its softly curved profile, each piece is perfectly balanced to deliver in form and function.

Modern Revenue

To add to their contemporary cutlery collection, Elia is pleased to welcome Revenue. A timeless design sure to lift any table setting. A classic silhouette reinterpreted into a new style, Revenue’s profile is curvaceous with an elegant base that exudes pure modernity.

Modern Revere

A similar design to Levite, Revere has been manufactured in a heavy gauge and treated to a satin finish. The gently tapered and curved handles with carefully rounded edges ensure that this range is very comfortable to use.

Modern Safina

Featuring an ergonomic design with a generous gauge, this pattern from Elia owes its charm to its streamlined design and elegantly angular handle, adding a contemporary feel to an otherwise classic design.

Modern Sandtone

With an identical specification to Sirocco, Sandtone has the additional feature of sandblasted handles for a beautiful satin finish that really sets off the contrasting mirror finish of the blades and bowls.

Modern Serene

Elia's Serene cutlery has been designed with bold style and comfort in mind. The generously curved handles fit neatly in the palm and the delicate prongs and curved knife blade make a bold statement on the table.

Modern Shadow

Shadow is a sleek modern design with an all-over finger mark resistant satin finish which is both stylish and practical. The delicate design of the handles and perfect balance in the hand makes this cutlery design extremely comfortable to use.

Modern Siena

Elia's Siena cutlery pattern is fully forged in a heavy-gauge that provides an immediate feeling of quality for the user. Ideal for both domestic and catering environments, Siena is also available with the widest selection of serving utensils and accessories.

Modern Sirocco

One of the original Elia designs, the Sirocco range has truly stood the test of time. With its slim profile and elegant shape, this collection is one to treasure. Sirocco is fully forged for a better feel in the hand and manufactured to the highest standard in 18/10 Stainless Steel.

Modern Spectro

The generously curved design of Spectro has brushed satin finish handles that contrast to a brilliant mirror shine. Creating a perfect combination to enhance any table setting.

Modern Spirit

Elia are pleased to present Spirit. With flowing curves and contemporary design, this cutlery lives up to its name. Manufactured in 18/0 Stainless Steel and polished to mirror shine.

Modern Stemme

The Elia Stemme cutlery design features gentle curves and a tapered finish for an elegant comfortable hold in the hand. The blade and handle of the knife is uniquely crafted with rolled edges and a striking rounded handle.

Modern Tempo

One of Elia’s latest additions to their classic cutlery range, Tempo has the advantage of a classic shape that is perfectly at home in a modern setting.

Modern Vantage

Elia Vantage has a classic style that is universally appealing. This range is expertly crafted from 18/10 Stainless Steel and tumbled to create an elegant, vintage effect that is fingerprint and scratch resistant.

Modern Viola

Introducing a graceful pattern to Elia’s extensive cutlery range, Viola. This shapely range has been designed to fit comfortably in the hand, with a gentle concave handle that curves softly to the base.

Modern Virtu

Virtu cutlery is well balanced to ensure that every piece is very comfortable to hold and use. Virtu is a stunning design concept, offering vertically standing solid-handled knives which can be placed upright on the table.

Modern Zephyr

Zephyr is a slim yet gently curved design, simple and elegant to complement any table setting. The range comes complete with accessories including fish knife and fork, and serving fork and spoon items.

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