The Elia cutlery collection is one of the most extensive in the UK and each range has been carefully crafted to ensure it elevates the dining experience. Every single item that bears the Elia stamp has been thoughtfully designed and attentively produced in either a shining mirror or luxurious satin finish, in the perfect blend of 18% Chrome and 10% Nickel Stainless Steel. 

Elia's modern cutlery collection has a wide choice, from showstopping masterpieces to slim, elegant and timeless designs; there is undoubtedly something to appeal to everyone. Many of the ranges presented have accessory items to complement the collection providing consistency and versatility at the table. Elia’s traditional cutlery patterns are available in 18/10 or 18/0 Stainless Steel and are unique in their unrivalled finishing.

The classic range of cutlery is universally appealing in their simplistic yet beautiful designs and are equally suited to casual dining as they are to high-end establishments. Elia also offer a choice of canteens in which to store and present cutlery as well as a range of gift box sets that are a luxurious gift for the discerning diner.


Beautifully crafted Canteens to house any of the exquisite Elia cutlery patterns for a lifetime.

Gift Sets

Cutlery Gift Boxes for the perfect gift in 24 and 44 piece sets as well as an extensive serving item offering in Elia's iconic Siena cutlery range.

An exquisite range of Cutlery

Modern Polar

The superb mirror finish and stylish curves of this range make it a fine example of modern cutlery and an aesthetically-pleasing addition to all tabletops.

Modern Effra

With a distinctive asymmetrical design on the handle the Effra range makes a stunning visual impact on the table the pattern makes a fresh statement away from the traditional, presenting a timeless modernity.

Classic Clara

A welcome addition to Elia’s diverse cutlery offering, Clara is timeless in its bold simplicity. Clara is a clean classic range finished in 18/10 Stainless Steel.

Designer Mirage

Featuring graceful, generous curves and a distinctive line across the handle, this range makes a fantastic impression against any setting.

Modern Cubiq

Cubiq's contemporary design really stands out as every piece, with the exception of the teaspoon, is crafted with hollow handles. This gives a wonderful lightness to the cutlery that is generous in size and a pleasure to hold.

Classic Kinzaro

Kinzaro has a distinctive pattern that exudes a classical splendour. A distinctive addition to Elia's extensive cutlery offering, Kinzaro is the perfect choice to make a statement.

Modern Maypolemist

Maypolemist is manufactured to the same exceptionally high specification as Maypole, with a slight design twist. The handles feature an additional sandblasted finish to create a subtle matt effect, bringing together two design styles.

Modern Marina

Marina cutlery by Elia is a simplistic design with softly shaped handles which curve gently outwards. Polished to a high mirror shine, this 18/10 Stainless Steel cutlery range brings a sense of quality and elegance to the tabletop.

Modern Infinity

This slim-line cutlery with hexagonal-shaped handles certainly invites closer inspection. The perfectly balanced and graceful shape of Infinity ensures a contemporary dining style combined with effortless sophistication.