Elia’s creative flair provides an outstanding choice of designs, from timeless classics to sharply focused contemporary styles, from slim, elegant pieces, to those with intricate detail.


Elia prides itself on offering excellent design and the very best materials. Each piece is produced to exacting high standards, in 18/10 Stainless Steel and is superbly finished in either shining mirror or luxurious satin. In the creation of each new range in the Elia Cutlery Collection, our design team spends time working on the shape, weight and balance, ensuring cutlery that is a joy to hold and use. 

Product Categories

Contemporary Cutlery Range

Contemporary Cutlery from Elia.
Traditional Cutlery Range

Traditional Cutlery Range from Elia
Elia Cutlery Canteens

High Quality Elia Cutlery Canteens for your Elia Cutlery.
Elia Cutlery Gift Boxes

Elia's cutlery ranges embrace classic styles as well as sophisticated, exotic and modern lines.