Fine Bone China

Fine Bone China


Elia Fine Bone China is second to none, with all designs containing a remarkabble 50% bone content, resulting in a smooth as silk finish to each item. 

Product Categories

Clarity® Fine Bone China from Elia

Edged in real Platinum, the subtle and intricate patterns in Clarity are contemporary and catch the eye.
Cubiq® Fine Bone China from Elia

Intricately hand-painted and features a real Platinum band which combines perfectly with the delicate gold squares.
Jester® Fine Bone China by Elia

Contrasting circles of bright platinum and deep black are bound together by a fine thread of pure platinum.
Jewel® Teacups and Mugs

Vibrant and opulent, with hand-painted matte gold or platinum trim and rich sapphire, ruby or emerald detail.
Maypole® Fine Bone China by Elia

Elegance personified, the subtle grey and platinum tones of Maypole make a highly sophisticated table setting.
Shadow® Fine Bone China by Elia

A contrasting border of midnight blue and platinum, with contemporary coloured geometric shapes.
Virtu® Fine Bone China by Elia

Edged in platinum, the rich blue and lilac geometric decoration makes an imaginative interior design.