Contemporary Cutlery Range

Contemporary Cutlery Range


Elia has a large and varied range of Contemporary Cutlery. All of our patterns have 8 core items of; Dessert Fork, Dessert Knife, Desset Spoon, Tea Spoon, Soup Spoon, Table Fork, Table Knife and Table Spoon. Some patterns benefit from accessory items such as fish cutlery and serving items. 

If you have any further information about any of our ranges, please do not hesitate to contact us through our enquiry page. 

Product Categories

Elia Aria® Cutlery

Aria has simplistic good looks, with long elegant handles and fine angled lines.
Elia Aspira® Cutlery

Handles taper gently to a smooth, slightly upturned point. Mirror finish.
Elia Baguette® Cutlery

Highly polished to a brilliant mirror finish.
Elia Cleo® cutlery

Delicate sandblasted detail and Hollow Handle knives provide comfort in the hand.
Elia Corvette® Cutlery

A stunning, ergonomic pattern, designed by Nick Holland.
Elia Cosmo® Cutlery

Angular design with clean cut lines and bevelled edges.
Elia Cubiq® Cutlery

Luxurious elegance for an opulent table. Featuring hollow handled design.
Elia Endurance® Cutlery

Soft, fluted lines to the handle in durable 18/10 stainless steel.
Elia Equinox® Cutlery

Elegant design with subtle curved details. Includes hollow handled knives.
Elia Essence® Cutlery

Sleek modern design featuring gentle curves will complement all table settings.
Elia Fedora® Cutlery

Slender with a refined curve. Simple yet striking looks for a stylish tabletop.
Elia Finesse® Cutlery

Subtle matt satin and gleaming shine, creating an elegant and timeless fusion.
Elia Glacier® Cutlery

Generously curved, bold design for any modern table setting.
Elia Halosand® Cutlery

Attractive two-tone effect with a matt satin finish to the handle.
Elia Halo® Cutlery

Heavy gauge to create well-balanced pieces with a contemporary slimline form.
Elia Infinity® Cutlery

Fully forged, with a slim-line handle in an ultra modern hexagonal design.
Elia Jester® Cutlery

Attractive curved handles and fine angled lines add style to casual or formal dining.
Elia Kinzaro® Cutlery

Sophisticated contemporary style and 2-piece hollow handled knives.
Elia Levite® Cutlery

Thick gauge and curved handles with standard or upright standing knives.
Elia Liana® Cutlery

Subtle curves, slimline handles and a stunning mirror finish.
Elia Longbeach® Cutlery

A striking, angular design with a gleaming mirror finish.
Elia Maestro® Cutlery

Bold, geometric design, with strong angled lines with smooth curves.
Elia Majester® Cutlery

Nick Holland design with extra heavy gauge, derived from the Jester design.
Elia Marina® Cutlery

Simple elegance with softly shaped handles gently bowing outwards.
Elia Maypolemist® Cutlery

Identical to Maypole but with a soft satin effect to the handle.
Elia Maypole® Cutlery

The cylindrical handles are encircled with a delicate hand crafted band detail.
Elia Meridia® Cutlery

Subtle and generously shaped curves. A versatile range with 23 pieces.
Elia Mirage® Cutlery

Nick Holland design. Sleek with a brilliant streamlined look for the modern table.
Elia Miravell® Cutlery

Contemporary cutlery at its finest. Expertly polished to a smooth mirror finish.
Elia Motive® Cutlery

A streamlined, modern pattern, polished to a mirror finish.
Elia Mystere® Cutlery

An elegant and smooth pattern with a refined matte finish to the handle.
Elia Orientix® Cutlery

Timelessly elegant handles inspired by the shape of a traditional chopstick.
Elia Ovation® Cutlery

Fully forged with gently-tapered solid handles and polished to a mirror finish
Elia Polar® Cutlery

Beautifully curved in a heavy gauge. Well balanced and comfortable to hold.
Elia Quadrio® Cutlery

A satin finished cutlery with hollow handles and elegant lines.
Elia Reed® cutlery

Simplistic elegance in a generous gauge with a highly polished shine.
Elia Revere® Cutlery

Heavy guage and treated to a satin finish with gently tapered and curved handles.
Elia Ribbon® Cutlery

Classic pattern with beautifully curved and featuring a fine ribbon-like detail.
Elia Sanbeach® Cutlery

Nick Holland design, matt satin version of the stylish Longbeach cutlery.
Elia Sandtone® Cutlery

Based on the Sirocco design, but with a memorable subtle satin finish.
Elia Savana® Cutlery

Sleek look with a refined matte satin finish to the handle.
Elia Serene® Cutlery

Delicate, curved cutlery with a mirror shine.
Elia Shadow® Cutlery

Modern design with a distinct complete satin finish, Stylish and mark-resistant.
Elia Siena® Cutlery

Fully forged in a heavy-gauge that provides an immediate feeling of quality.
Elia Sirocco® Cutlery

Contemporary design with simple, striking looks.
Elia Spectro® Cutlery

Curved design, with smooth satin handles and contrasting brilliant mirror shine.
Elia Tiara® Cutlery

Oval handle tapering to a raised double ring with sandblasted finish.
Elia Valiant® Cutlery

Nick Holland design with a distinctive dot pattern for a sure grip.
Elia Virtu® Cutlery

Heavyweight solid handle knives which can stand upright or be laid flat.
Elia Zephyr® Cutlery

Slim, gently curved design and highly polished to a smooth mirror finish.